Prevention of work place slip and fall injuries in Australia via use of anti slip tape / non slip tapes.

Slip hazards in the work place:

Slips/ falls in work place environment and civil environments can result in serious injuries the employees and general public. Instances of slip injuries are common place and can lead to large compensation claims.

The severity of slip and fall injuries can range from minor injuries to the most severe of all (death). It is therefore absolutely essential that workplaces have suitable provisions in place to prevent slip accidents from occuring.

Prevention of slip and fall injuries:

The most effective and cost effective method of preventing slip injuries on slippery surface or potential slippery area is via use of anti slip tape or non slip tape. Anti slip tape are simply adhered direct to the hazardous/ potentially hazardous area. Providing the hazardous substrate is cleaned/ prepared correctly prior to application of the anti slip tape, the anti slip tape will provide years of anti slip protection. Assuming a quality anti slip tape is purchased. High quality anti slip tapes can be purchased from specialist supplier TGSI Pty Ltd.

What are non slip tapes:

Non slip tapes consist of 5 main components: adhesive, aluminium oxide grit, binder, color pigment and adhesive/ grit carrier strip (generally made of PVC or aluminium foil). PVC based carrier anti slip tapes are for general purpose use. Aluminium foil based anti slip tapes are conformable with surface and are used mostly on aluminium checker plate.

Quality anti slip tapes will use pressure sensitive acyrilic adhesive, and only the finest quality aluminium oxide grit, colorings and binder. Anti slip tapes are applied via peel and stick application and will stick to most substrates.

How to apply anti slip tape to surface:

Refer here.

Image of anti slip tape:

Images of aluminium foil based anti slip tape, 100mm wide X 20 meter roll:

warning foil based anti slip tapes 100mm

Common areas to apply anti slip tape

Areas where use of non slip tape is effective in preventing slip and fall accidents in the work place or civil environments include: ramps, steps, vehicle running boards, radder rungs, slippery surfaces, boats, recreational vehicles/ facilities, decks, industrial equipment etc.

Where to purchase anti slip tapes in Australia:

For the finest quality hard wearing industrial grade anti slip tapes, available in standard anti slip tape, and foil based, in various grit grades, widths and colors, TGSI Pty Ltd is a recommended supplier to Australian consumers.